New born elephant at Samponiet (Aceh)
Her name is Rosa
when the photo taken she just learn to lift things. At first she tried to lift a piece of bamboo, then Durian shell, then a big stone which is un successful. Her mom just watching her try this and that, only help when needed.

Fun Fact: do you know elephant had a real good memory? They can remember you, even you only met them once, then meet them again decades later.


I already moved to western part of indonesia.. thought the distance become larger to the east, I still want to travel as much as i can.

from now,most of my photos comes from the western part of Indonesia.


Danau kelimutu, Ende.
Last day in Bali was when the supermoon hit the beach. what a nice farewell. ;”)
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Sure you can use it as long you put my credit, because it’s all pure my photograph. hope you understand. :)

kiss me baby
Museum Tsunami
Minaret of Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh
Blue Ocean